Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group is proud of our great track record as a truly responsible business—in practice as well as in theory.

While we go about our daily working lives, we interact with a broad range of stakeholders, including our people, our customers, our shareholders and financial partners, our suppliers, the environment, governments and the communities in which we operate.



As pioneers of eco-friendly practices, we aim to be a trusted industry leader for Responsible Business in all our various interactions. We focus on those areas of responsibility that can best have an impact on our business and on society. And we work to nurture—and to promote—our award-winning Responsible Business programs by:

  • Taking responsibility for diversity, inclusion, and the health and safety of our employees and guests
  • Showing leadership in social and ethical responsibilities within the company as well as in the community
  • Reducing our negative impact on the environment

As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we also actively support our company-wide global charity, World Childhood Foundation, which is committed to helping children and young women at risk around the world. And we enthusiastically engage in a wide variety of projects designed to benefit the communities in which we operate.

By managing our hotels in a responsible manner, we build trust and strong, nurturing, profitable relationships. We also achieve great success. Responsible Business is good business!