Carlson, a privately held, global hospitality and travel company, today reported a 12 percent increase of its system-wide sales in 2010 to USD 6.5 billion for its global hotel business. This announcement was made at the company's global hotel business conference in Washington, D.C.

“This strong sales performance is one of several key milestones that Carlson Hotels achieved in the first year of its Ambition 2015 strategy,” said Hubert Joly, president and chief executive officer, Carlson. “And, looking ahead, we have exciting plans to continue our momentum towards our Ambition 2015 objectives.”

Key accomplishments for Carlson Hotels in 2010 cover all of its strategic priorities.

Global Growth: Carlson signed 87 hotels and opened 66 hotels in 2010. The company's total number of rooms in operations and development crossed the 200,000 room threshold. And the number of hotels in operation reached 1,071 hotels at the end of 2010, despite the exit of 42 hotels that were non-compliant with system standards.

Brand Strategies: